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Climate Adaptation Academy

Promoting an exchange of information between municipal officials, researchers, and other professionals.


Climate Corps

Harnessing student power to assist Connecticut communities through a unique service learning experience.


Tools & Assistance

Providing useful resources and programs for Connecticut residents, communities and municipalities.


Coastal Resources

Providing information on Connecticut's coastal natural resources, current issues and projects along our coast.




Providing short videos and resources on climate change and its impacts in Connecticut.



Multi-media climate change teaching modules that meet Next Generation Science Standards in a format that allows easy adoption by high school teachers throughout the region.

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  • Takings & Coastal Management
  • Property & Permitting Boundaries at the Shoreline
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  • Flood& Erosion Control Structures
  • Responding to Nuisance Flooding of Coastal Highways: Options for Municipalities


The Climate Adaptation Academy workshop, Legal Issues in the Age of Climate Adaptation III, focused on projected road flooding with sea level rise along with concurrent impacts to tidal wetlands and marsh migration. 

Details & Presentations


Coastal municipalities are facing a significant number of challenges in planning for, and adapting to, changing weather patterns and climate change. Lack of resources and staff expertise make it more important than ever that research and support designed to assist municipalities with resiliency planning and implementation be something they can truly use. This study, designed to collect information on what exactly coastal communities can “truly use,” was one of ten tasks comprising the Municipal Resilience Planning Assistance Project, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in 2015 and coordinated by the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation (CIRCA). All ten tasks were focused on the coastal counties impacted by Storm Sandy in 2012.

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Dune loss at Harkness Beach. Photo: Micheal P. Grzywinski, CT DEEP


GROTON, CT - Connecticut Sea Grant announces a website intended to assist coastal Connecticut beach property owners and beach associations with hazards such as impacts from storms and associated erosion and flooding. The site helps users evaluate threats and prepare to protect property from further damage. A variety of actions, depending on the scale of damage and cost, are provided, including options such as dune restoration, repairing seawalls, moving landward or elevating structures.

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    With the start of the fall semester, the UConn Climate Corps began its second year of operation with 24 students enrolled. The Climate Corps is a unique blend of classroom education, service learning, and Extension outreach supported by the Provost’s Office. Students take a fall semester class that emphasizes town-level impacts, issues and responses related […]
    Posted on December 11, 2018
  • Upcoming Climate Adaptation Academy on Road Flooding
    Legal Issues in the Age of Climate Adaptation III: Road Flooding REGISTER NOW NOTE: Registration Closes Jan. 18, 2023  Building on the foundations from two previous Legal Issues in the Age of Climate Adaptation workshops and the participants’ questions they generated, this session will focus on the legal and physical challenges municipalities are facing due to road […]
    Posted on December 11, 2018


Video of Greenland’s Mass Ice Loss


Video of Carbon Dioxide

carbon dioxide map

NASA has released a new 3-D viewer that shows how carbon dioxide moves through the atmosphere over the course of a year. 

NASA’s CO2 Video



Phone: 860-405-9106
Address: UConn, Department of Extension
Connecticut Sea Grant, Avery Point Campus
1080 Shennecossett Rd.
Groton, CT 06340

Adapt CT is a partnership of the Connecticut Sea Grant Program and the Center for Land Use Education and Research.

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